Sunday, October 25, 2009

Unbelievable (Long)

So today is day 6. Last week the doctors were saying unless he makes a miraculous turn around he would be going home the middle to end of next week. If he were to make a miraculous turn around he could potentially go home on Monday. Well we are looking at going home tomorrow. I can't believe it. He has turned around soooo fast it is really scary. The way this month has been going I'm just waiting for another bomb to drop. I am staying positive but it's just getting so much better so fast it is scary.

Yesterday they took out the chest tube that they placed the night he came out of surgery. He did really well with it and hasn't had any breathing problems yet. He is still off oxygen and sats are good. His nurse yesterday was a very proactive nurse. She got him up and walking. I was soo thrilled. He walked four times yesterday and each time got better cause he got a chest tube out. By the end of the day he took his get well soon balloon and was bouncing it along the way. He was making quick movements it was scaring me. The only thing about him feeling better is that now he is going to be running more and if anyone knows Cyrus it is really hard to keep him down when he is feeling good. So here's to hoping we can keep him active but not too active.

I don't think he got enough sleep last night. He is really tired and grumpy this morning. I had to force him to get out of bed today and eat breakfast. He has to eat and drink because he is getting meds by mouth now and if he doesn't have anything on his belly he will feel yucky. He needed to take a walk this morning and was so not in the mood. I had to make him and just when we were about to walk out the surgeon came in. Now he has had these wires in his chest, tiny ones that were basically laying on his heart on the inside. If his heart were to ever go into a rhythm that wasn't good they could hook these wires up to a pacer/defibrillator and give his heart a shock. Ever since the second night when he had the bad rhythm he hasn't had any since so they just came in a pulled those wires out. It hurt a little but he did soooo good. He really is a brave, strong kid. The doctors just did rounds and they turned off the medication that is helping his heart to pump and they are weaning down the Lasix. His chest x-ray this morning looked great and he will get an ECHO in the morning to check the function. It is possible we could go home tomorrow or we could go home on Tuesday. We are hoping it's tomorrow. Travis has been out of work for almost three weeks taking care of me and the boys before and during my surgery. I have been out of work for almost three weeks now too. I had enough PTO before I had to have my surgery to stay out of work with Cyrus but now that I had to have surgery I have now ran out of hours. Money is definitely going to be tight.

I have a doctors appt on Tuesday and I'm not sure if he is going to clear me to go back to work or not. I feel ok. I do have pain sometimes and they incisions are healing. I don't know if they are healing right but they are healing. One of the nurses here looked at them for me one day cause I was rubbing my belly and she said they looked ok but I really should go get them checked out.

So I'm here now with the monster. He is going to take a much needed nap. Maybe he won't be so grumpy and want to go on a walk later. He looks so good standing up there when he is in a good mood.

I really want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the prayers and comments and support that has been shown. I have gotten everyone of them and even though I might not have commented back everyone has touched me. I have to thank my family and friends to calling and checking in and the ones that have come up to see us really really thank you.

On a side note, yesterday Cyrus's dad drove up to sit with him so I got an afternoon off. :)
I thought about him the whole time and couldn't help but be depressed leaving. I know he was fine but I wasn't there to tend to him so it was kinda hard. Trav's parents drove up and they took us to the mall. Clinque at Macy's was having some sale if you bought something for 20 bucks you got the bag with all kinds of goodies in it. Travis's Mom was like lets get something. The clerk was like what kind of product would you like. I don't buy makeup at the mall so I was dumbfounded. She was like how about we try one. Ok sure why not. She sits me in the chair and says you look like you need a pick me up you have really bad circles under your eyes. I wanted to say no really you don't say. I didn't say that but Travis's mom went on to tell her about Cyrus and how I had been at bedside for the week. The clerk says oh we are so giving you a pick me up. So here I am in sweats and looking as scrubby as can be and this clinique clerk is doing my makeup. I did feel better after. I don't know why maybe because I realized what I really looked like and knew I needed to cheer up a bit. Cyrus is going really fast int the right direction and I should be grateful. We found an old navy and I got some cheap pants for Cyrus to wear walking around, we had an nice lunch and came back to the hospital refreshed and ready to take on the night.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your life with us I enjoy reading your blog and after all the things I saw you did for Ashley on the cruise I knew you were someone very special. I wish I lived closer I could help you out too. But hopefully you can get back to normal soon now that you little one is doing better. So take care and I will pray he can go home sooner then you think.