Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cath Day

So today started ok. We got here on time and the IV was probably the best ever. He didn't cry and they didn't even have to use a numbing agent. He just said "Ouch". He was sooo brave. They wheeled him back and let me go in the cath lab with him. He had his typical silly attitude and had everyone in the cath lab laughing. He knew he was going to count and started before it was time. The nurses laughed and asked how far he thinks he would make it and he said 8, the nurses said 6. He got to 4 and said I'm done, turned his head and went to sleep. I left then cause that's when they intubated him. I cried when I left. It's different seeing other people be put to sleep, but when it's your own it got to me. He was done really quick and the Dr. said that his valvle is really sluggish and leaks really bad. His ventricle is getting really large and when it gets too large it doesnt contract enough to pump the blood to his body. He wants his valve replaced before the year is out. He said if I didn't hear from a surgeon by 2 weeks to call and bother them. Right now we are waiting to go back to the hotel. He is doing well thought.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One hurdle done

So we started off late this morning. We got into St.Petersburg 5 minutes late and got the the office. I signed in and waited 20 minutes. That's when they decided to tell me I was at the wrong office. So we rushed over to the other side of St.Pete and showed up at the right office 30 minutes late. They were ok with it though and were very understanding. We went into the room they did an EKG, took his blood pressure, and took us to another room where the Cath lab nurse was. She went over the procedures and rules and lukily he didn't need to have any labs drawn. So we have to report to the hospital at 11:00 am and the cath will happen after that. Not quite sure what time but sometime around 1 o'clock. My phone stopped working today so after the pre op appt. we drove the 15 miles over to Tampa to the apple store to get it fixed. YAY phone works now. I have to say the only rude thing I have come across are the drivers. The hosptial staff, the apple store, especially the hotel staff have been awesome. We tried to check in around 10 today and she was so apologetic saying she didnt have any rooms available yet. We said that was fine we would come back. She asked how many children I had, I told her I had 1 with me. She said she would have something for him when we got back. We just checked in a little while ago and she handed me the packet of papers that she had went online and printed for him to draw and activites to do. I thought that was so nice. Then we were sitting in the room and the front desk called to ask if our room was ok and everything was ok. I have never had anyone do that before. They also lowered our room rate because we are here for him to have a procedure. Anyway Thanks so much for all the prayers so far and ask that you continue to send the our way. I'm sure things will be fine and the Dr. will know as soon as the cath is over when he needs to have his valve replaced.
Cyrus in the play area at the mall in Tampa

Monday, July 27, 2009

So it starts......

So tommorrow we are going to St.Petersburg to start the process for Cyrus's Cardiac cath. We have to be at the specialist's office at 9:30 for labs and other pre-op tests. He is being pretty brave about the whole thing. He is alot like me, he wants to know what is going to happen, how it's going to happen and when. He wanted to know what the cath looked like and I had one that the Dr gave me when he was six months old, don't ask I guess he thought it would help, and I kept it. Anyway, I showed it to him and he seemed to be ok with that. They are going to look to see how soon he needs his valve replaced. On one side I wish they would just go ahead and do it and get it over with. I don't want him to go through the pain but I guess it would be better now when he doesn't remember everything. On the other hand, I don't want him to have to go through with it at all. But we have to deal with the hand we were dealt. So we will go and hopefully all goes well. I know he has lots of thoughts and prayers going out and keep them coming. We are all very thankful for that. We also know that Nolan is watching out for him and will be his guardian angel. Thank you Nolan. I will keep this updated thoughout the next couple of days. Thank you for all your prayers.