Thursday, June 25, 2009

Found another One

So we went to the realtor's office today to actually sign the papers for the offer on the shot in the dark house and she said she had two new listings for us to look at. Well we went and looked at one of them and we loved it. It's off the main hustle and bustle but not too far from everything and its new. To top it off...We can afford it. YAYAYAY. So we put an offer on it but not getting our hopes up because it is a hot property. Well see. So we have two offers out now. Well see if any of them pan out.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Houses!!!!!

So we got the full story from our realtor today about the house we wanted. The owner is a elderly woman who before now has had her wits about her but the death of her daughter has thrown her over and she is now not with all that is going on pshycologically. So the son feels guilty about selling the house out from under his mother hoping that she will come back around. So he decided to take the house off the market for a couple of months. Sooo back we go. WE haven't even had the chance to hear about a counter offer. As soon as we make the offer something comes up and they take the house off the market. So we went back to one of the houses that we really liked before and decided to put in an offer. The only problem is it's out of our price range but it is a foreclosure. So we are throwing out a shot in the dark and dreaming big. So that is our house story for now. We hope to hear something soon but are not getting out hopes up. Thanks for all the housing vibes though. WE really do appreciate it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well back to the drawing board.

We got a call from our realtor today. She heard from the seller's realtor that the lady that owns the house is not competent to sign the papers and I supposed they didn't get all the legal papers done to make her son the power of attorney so now they are taking it off the market for a few months. So now here we are back at the drawing board again. It seems like every time we find a place the bank,seller, whatever decides oh something is wrong now after a year on the market and we need to take the house off. My lease is up in August so I wouldn't be in such a hurry but I don't want to have to fork out a bunch of money to break if we hopefully find something in the next six month. So here's to hoping.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Going to the Park

So today I thought I would take the boys to the park and try to take some pictures with our new camera. It's so hot outside it's so hard to stay out there for long, but we'll try. I'll post some pics later.

We are supposed to hear about the house today or tommorrow(hopefully today). We went to Home Depot yesterday and found carpet, paint, and tile for a house we haven't even got approval on. I know we are nuts. But we are just dreamers.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Been A While

So it's been awhile since I posted. My best friend recently lost her beautiful baby boy, Nolan Michael...We Love You Nolan....I have been doing what I can to help with the situation. Nothing you do or say can take the pain away but I hope just one thing I can do can help to ease the pain a little. My boys have been soo great throughout this whole thing. They were very sympathetic and my oldest JJ was so upset. But I told him Nolan was with Jesus now and he didn't have to worry.

My boys made a sign for Nolan.

On a positive note we put an offer on two houses this past week. One house is HUGE. It's in a gated community and the HOA fee is crazy high. It's also right when you come into the gate so drive into gate and it's right there. So we didn't like that. It's also way out of our price range but our realtory put an offer in within our price range, so we aren't to positive on that one.

The second house is more within our price range and it's alot smaller but not so hard to clean. It's already updated with fixtures and paint colors. It has an awesome back yard that backs up to some woods. So we are supposed to hear something Monday. Wish us luck.

The front of the second house complete with the back of Cyrus's head.

We still plan on going to St.Pete for Cyrus's Heart cath. He is doing good right now. We will see what they say when we get there.