Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Houses!!!!!

So we got the full story from our realtor today about the house we wanted. The owner is a elderly woman who before now has had her wits about her but the death of her daughter has thrown her over and she is now not with all that is going on pshycologically. So the son feels guilty about selling the house out from under his mother hoping that she will come back around. So he decided to take the house off the market for a couple of months. Sooo back we go. WE haven't even had the chance to hear about a counter offer. As soon as we make the offer something comes up and they take the house off the market. So we went back to one of the houses that we really liked before and decided to put in an offer. The only problem is it's out of our price range but it is a foreclosure. So we are throwing out a shot in the dark and dreaming big. So that is our house story for now. We hope to hear something soon but are not getting out hopes up. Thanks for all the housing vibes though. WE really do appreciate it.

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