Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cath Day

So today started ok. We got here on time and the IV was probably the best ever. He didn't cry and they didn't even have to use a numbing agent. He just said "Ouch". He was sooo brave. They wheeled him back and let me go in the cath lab with him. He had his typical silly attitude and had everyone in the cath lab laughing. He knew he was going to count and started before it was time. The nurses laughed and asked how far he thinks he would make it and he said 8, the nurses said 6. He got to 4 and said I'm done, turned his head and went to sleep. I left then cause that's when they intubated him. I cried when I left. It's different seeing other people be put to sleep, but when it's your own it got to me. He was done really quick and the Dr. said that his valvle is really sluggish and leaks really bad. His ventricle is getting really large and when it gets too large it doesnt contract enough to pump the blood to his body. He wants his valve replaced before the year is out. He said if I didn't hear from a surgeon by 2 weeks to call and bother them. Right now we are waiting to go back to the hotel. He is doing well thought.

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  1. I'm sorry they need to do surgery. But think of how much better off he will be with a healthy valve.