Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So last night we went to get ice cream and on the way passed by a gamestop. Anyone who has a little boy and can pass by a gamestop without being asked to go in I commend you. LOL. Well I had told Cyrus that he could get a game at a game store if we could find one for being so good yesterday for his lab work. We tried to get by without him remembering but here we were at the door. So we went inside with the goal to grab a used gameboy game for a few bucks. Well Travis's parents decided that Cyrus needed a nintendo DS. So Cyrus walked out of gamestop with a new game system, game, and a carrying case. He was sooo shocked his face turned red. LOL. He went back to the hotel dying to play his new game. He went to bed talking about it and woke up this morning talking about it. I woke him up he said "OOO My DS!!!!" I said don't you want to use the restroom first. He says, "Oh Yeah." Needless to say he is definitely going to use it.

We got to the hospital this am and got registered. The pre op nurse came in and you know those people who were just made to work with peds. She was one of them. She had him laughing the entire time. Well except for IV time. She had to stick him twice and couldn't get it. She was soo upset and kept apologizing. I said it happens. She was able to call the anesthesiologist and get the ok to wait until he was under to start his line. Cyrus was very grateful. He was able to visit for awhile and then time to say his goodbyes. This was hard. I don't know if it finally hit him or if it was because he had to put down his DS. He started giving his hugs and kisses and that's when he started crying. Then of course everyone started tearing up. They all held it together for him but it was rough and just as soon as his started crying the wonderful nurse came out again and started joking with him and making him laugh. He dried it up just as soon as it started. She really was the best. They put him in a stretcher and asked the guy pushing it if he had a licence to drive it. That made him laugh again. It definitely helped to perk him up. I was able to walk with him to pre op holding and sit with him. He was only there for about 15 minutes. Enough time for the OR nurse and the anesthesiologist to come in and ask some question and then he was off. That was where I had to leave him. I was proud of myself, I didn't cry. He was sooo brave. He went back without so much as a look back. They gave me a pager kind of like you get at a restaurant so they could get in touch with me and said I should get update every hour and a half or so. We went for some breakfast and went to the waiting room. The surgeon came out and said after looking at the TEE that he had done back in July he feels that it could go either way. He would try to repair the valve and if not he would have to do the Ross Procedure where he takes the pulmonary valve and switch it for the aortic valve and put a cadaver valve in place on the pulmonary valve. He wasn't sure if post op he would keep him on the ventilator or not. I told him I was prepared for him to be on the ventilator overnight. It would definitely help with the pain control. He seemed confident but wasn't sure which way he would go. First update we got about and hour and a half after he went back was that he was asleep, they were in, and they were about to start bypass. Here is where I lost it. I have been in an open heart surgery and now I wish I had not. I know that the bypass operator is a very educated person and that makes me feel better but then the image of my baby with his chest open and on bypass popped in my head and I can't get it out. I'm kinda hoping writing about it will help. Second update we got was that he was on bypass and the surgeon was working on the repair. The OR nurse said everything looks ok so far and we would know more in a little while. So we wait. The staff is so very helpful and friendly and that makes things a little better. The surgery is said to take about 5 to 6 hours so I'm just trying to be patient. Thank you sooo very much for all the support that you guys have shown us. It is helping alot to know that we have that support behind us. I will continue to attempt to update on facebook and if I don't I'm sure that Ashley will. LOL.

Anyone who know Cyrus This is him....

Quick Update: The OR nurse just came out and said that he got him off Bypass and they didn't like the way the valve looked so they are going to go back on bypass and try a couple more things to see if they can get it the repair to work right. He is trying not to do the Ross procedure but time will tell. She informed me that the other surgeon in his group has been in lending a hand. I have mixed feelings about that. I'm glad that he has the back up but it makes me nervous to know that they feel like the need two surgeons. I have heard really good things about this group so I have to have faith in them. It's encouraging that they got him off of bypass. That is always a big milestone when it comes to heart patients.. It sucks that he has to go back on it because more time on it means longer time in the OR. So it's waiting a little more.

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