Monday, October 19, 2009

First day in St.Pete

Today we got up and started our adventure down this road. When I got up this morning I knew my body was not happy with me for doing laundry yesterday. I was more sore today than the previous days but thats what I get. Had a wonderful breakfast and started up here. Got here and registered he got his labs drawn and chest x-ray done. Let me tell you they have these Child Life Specialist what an invaluable service. The woman came in today and talked to Cyrus about his surgery. They gave him a stuffed bear and she let him go through all the motions of putting the iv's in and chest tubes. Stuff that would probably freak a kid out. He got to dress up like a dr and go on a tour of all the rooms he will see tommorrow. It really helped him out. He is such a brave little boy. He didn't cry not once. So now he's got a bag of goodies, met some new friends, and of course got new games and toys to play with. On a humorous note my best friend Ashley and her sister Trisha came to be with us. Well they misplaced thier keys. We looked all over for them and....NO KEYS. No clue where they disappeared. So her husband has to overnight her the other set..HAHA Not funny for her. I feel bad but it was kind of a little humorous after we laughed about it. Tommorow is going to be a rough day. I already know that and early. We have to report at 5:30 am and surgery is set for 7. We appreciate all the love and support we have been shown through all of this and I will try to keep this updated this week.

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