Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Home At Last

So they let us go today. It is so relaxing to finally be home. I still have to take care of him like I did in the hospital it's just way more relaxing. The best part is that my little boy is home with me where he is supposed to be. This year has taught me so much. My best friend Ashley's precious baby boy went to heaven this year. He was so perfect and sweet but Jesus wanted him back. Things like that really makes someone step back and appreciate all the blessings that they do have. For everything that we went through I do have my boys here with me. I am so thankful for that. I am so thankful for my family and friends. Ashley overcame so much to be there for me I am so proud of her. She battled watching me lose it, she battled the anticipation and even walking through the ICU with little isolettes and and tiny sick babies to come and be at my side. For that I am grateful. Her and her husband drove up a second time to come and hang out with us to break up the monotony of the whole thing.

So many people have been here. My loving boyfriend was there for it all. He really did pick up the responsibilty I am sure he never thought he would have to. He was there for every step of the way.

Again Thank you Thank you Thank you all for everything.

Update on Cyrus...He is doing great. He is now on four different meds. Two meds for blood pressure and heart, one to help take fluid off his lungs, and he has to take a baby asprin everyday. He does really good with it. The surgeon said nothing is definite or 100% but he could be good for about 20 years. Let's pray to the good Lord above that he is right. He has a follow up at his cardiologist on the 4th and he will manage him from here on out. He gets tired easy but that is to be expected. His coordination is still off. Today when we walked out of the hospital he tripped over the rug in the lobby and fell forward. Luckily he caught himself with his hands and didn't get hurt but it sure did make me heart drop into my stomach. He is moping around the house and mainly just lays here and plays his game. Hopefully he gets better and stonger as each day goes by.

I will hopefullly go to the dr soon and get cleared to go back to work. I'm not sure I really want to leave him yet. I know others will take good care of him just as others but I'm his mommy. :)

So we are sitting at the house now. Relaxing much better than we have all week long. Ashley, Chris, our friend Mike, and John came over to visit with us tonight. Ashley is cooking dinner for us and Mike brought over one of his awesome, wonderful cheesecake. We have lots of friends and we are so thankful for that and that are here for us. Thank you guys so much.

I really do thank everyone

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