Monday, October 26, 2009

Hard To Stay Positive

Today is starting out to be a rough day. I HAVE to stay positive but it's hard. Cyrus is having a hard day. He finally told me he justs want to go home and started crying. One of the few times he has cried. I tore me up inside but I know I HAVE to stay positive. There is a nurse here that had him on Tuesday. She has alot of energy and is sooo sweet. She could tell he was bummed and has been visiting him often today even though she isn't his nurse. We got moved from our private room today because they have a patient coming out of the OR that needs a private room. I was lucky to get a private room to begin with so I feel blessed. The only concern I have is that he is the oldest in this little alcove that they put him in. Next to him are two little tiny babies. He has a hard time sleeping as it is in his private room and he can close the door. Now he can't close the door and they are right next to him separated by a curtain. I can see him not getting any sleep tonight.

The doctors just made rounds and they did an ECHO. They still have to look at it but after they do they will make the desicion to take off the medicine that is giving his heart a little extra umph. Then tommorrow they will do another ECHO. Hopefully it will be fine. The only thing is that he is already on two medications to help his heart beat and his blood pressure is on the low side of normal so there isnt really any meds that they can give to help his heart that wont bring his blood pressure down more. It's a catch 22. I'm sure he is fine. We'll see.

So today is just a rough day. He is surrounded by these little babies with monitors going off all the time and screaming so it's a little more stressful. Hopefully the day gets better.

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