Monday, August 31, 2009

Just had to say it.

So it's been awhile since I have updated but since the last time school has started and it's in full swing. I don't remember nearly as many rules on the parents as well as the kids when I went to school but maybe that is the behind the scenes that you don't see as a kid. I can't get in to talk to the teacher in the morning and if you leave a voicemail you don't usually hear back. JJ is jumping into 4th grade like he has been ready for it forever. He already has his first project a commercial for a planet. It's kinda fun we built a hotel out of legos today and are goiing to take pictures of it. Kinda fun playin with legos again. Cyrus has managed to lose 2 lunch boxes, bring them home, not bring home any homework, oh and slice his foot open and get stiches. That is the latest saga. He managed to slice his foot open right under his toe where your foot moves constantly. Had to take him to the er and he got 6 stitches. He was sooo brave. The only time he cried was when they injected the lidocaine. I would cry too if I was getting a needle stuck in the bottom of my foot. So then he couldn't do recess or PE. Well instead of finding something for him to do inside they still put him on the playground and tell him just not to play. Ok if anyone know Cyrus you can't do that. He doesn't know how to not play. Especially when every kid around him is running wild. So he has this post op boot that he has to wear and of course it gets dirty cause they cant get it through thier head that he can't be outside. UGGGG. So fast forward to today I take him to the pediatrician to get the stiches out and the Dr. was horrible. She was digging around so bad that he cried the entire time. Now he is a tough cookie but this was just miserable. I couldv'e done a better job here at the house but I wanted to do it right. So it looks like she managed to open back up and she puts steristrips on it. It hurts now and it didn't before. So he has to keep the boot on for another week. Hopefully I can keep it clean so it doesn't get infected. I called the surgeon's office today ,which I wish the pediatrician's office was a tenth as nice as this office was, just to let them know about the stitches. They said it shouldn't be a problem but would let me know tommorrow if it was. The date is still set. We have the hotels reserved and the insurance taken care of. Now all I do is sit here and wait. It is hard sometimes because all I can do is sit here and think and that doesn't do well for my mental health which isn't good to begin with. LOL. I'm sure it will all be behind us soon and he will be fine. It's hard when you work in healthcare and see the complications that do happen. You know those complications that have like a 2% chance of happening. I take care of those people so it's hard to not think about it and wonder what if. But I'm sure it will all be ok. Again thanks for all the support and prayers. We still need them.

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