Thursday, August 6, 2009

Still house hunting...

So we went looking at more houses again. Don't know what I am going to do if one of these actually make it one day. Deal with moving and Cyrus...I guess we'll just have to see. So our realtor sent us a list of like 25 houses. I picked about 15 out of the mix and 3 of them were the only ones that didn't have issues with them. One had septic issues, a couple chinese drywall, others had offers, that kind of thing. Well then she called us and said look at these two houses ASAP. They are awesome deals. So we go to look at 5 houses. On the way to the first one, our realtor calls us and says something is up with this one we cant go today. Ok so we go to the next one. This one is really nice but small and maybe a little over priced for the area and local market. So we go to the next one, one that our realtor found that morning. Off the beaten path and an acre and a half of land. Already we are happy. We drive up this drive to this beautiful 23oo sq ft home. There were mature trees. We were soo excited. Open the door to this beautiful home, fireplace which isnt standard in Florida, turn the corner.....NO KITCHEN...HELLO... did someone forget to disclose something. The ENTIRE kitchen was GONE. Needless to say I was bummed. Continue on there are NO BATHROOMS.. It looked as if someone was really angry and pulled out all the bathroom and kithchen fixtures. All that was left was empty rooms with holes in the walls and plumbing sticking out of the walls. I MEAN NO TOILETS either. I was sooo bummed. Anyway that is the way the rest of the day went. One house didn't even have a lock box on it. Another was DEFINITELY chinese drywall. Don't know if you have ever smelled it but UUUGGGHHH. So that was another house hunting day for us. Again sitting an crossing our fingers something comes up soon.

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