Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finally told Cyrus

So we went out to dinner tonight for Travis's and Mine 3 year anniversary. Yeah we made it 3 years. LOL. While at dinner I thought it would be a good idea to tell Cyrus about the surgery. I told him that we have to see another Dr. so he can fix his heart for good. His response, " He is going to take my heart out of my chest!!" with a smile on his face. I said "No he isn't going to take it out." So he says, " Is he going to cut down my chest where my scar is?" Ah ha here it is. I said Yes he is but you will be put to sleep when he does it. He goes OK!! Just like that OK. I said well do you have any questions for the Dr. so we can ask him when we go. He says with the silliest look on his face, How old is the Dr? Then he laughs...Goofy Boy. That was about it. He really took it in stride. He didn't ask if it will hurt or anything. That was the extent of our conversation. So we go on Monday at 2 to talk to him and hopefully finally get some answers to the pressing questions. I have questions like When will it be done...What is the recovery time..things like that. So I will update as soon as I know.

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