Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let it all come at once

So just an update on today because some of you might want to know. I got a call from the school nurse today that Cyrus had a temp of 103.5. I got to the school with Motrin in my hand. He was burning up but still himself. I called the Dr's office just cause I didn't want to take any chances with his surgery coming up in nine days. Finally got an appt for him at 5 o'clock. Because of his situation the Dr. ran every test that he could. A strept swab, an influenza A and B, and a CBC to see if his white blood cells where elevated. Mind you the entire time he had a temp of 100.5 and he was still running around the office. The Dr. came back about 5 minutes later and said he tested positive for Influenza A. I was like good grief now what. The swine flu is a mutation of influenza A but he didn't say that he had swine flu. So he put him on TamiFlu and let me tell you to get Tamiflu is a pain in the butt. After 15 pharmacies called I found 2 that I had to go to get enough for both the boys. He put Jj on it for prophylactic purposes so now I might have to keep him home too. So that was my day. Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. It really does mean alot to us and even though I had a bad day my baby is the one suffering. He is his typical self but you can tell he doesn't feel good so he is the one suffering. I'm sure he'll be ok but this is a blow we didn't need. Again thank you so much for everyone who is sending thoughts and prayers our way.

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