Friday, November 6, 2009

Update from Surgery

I should have written this last night but I was trying to keep him comfortable so I held off till this morning.

Everyone has a sac around thier heart that is called the pericardial sac. It's really thin but fluid can collect inside there and if the fluid gets big enough it can impact the heart and it's function. If there is fluid it can be drained by sticking a needle into that space and draining it. The fluid that was around Cyrus's heart was on the back side and it was too difficult to get to with the needle so the surgeon had to open and small part of the bottom of his insision and go into that sac and drain the fluid. He said it was a large blot clot that had reabsorbed fluid and had grown. He cleaned it out really good and placed a chest tube to collect any drainage that might accumulate over the next couple of days. He will probably keep the chest tube in till tommorrow at least and maybe we will be able to come home on Monday.

He did really well with going into surgery. Coming out was really hard. The awesome nurses let me stay in the room while they got him all hooked back up to the monitors and such. She let me help to keep him calm till they could get his pain medication. It was rough. He was thrashing and crying out in pain. The nurses were scrambling to get his meds because of that and you have to go through steps to be able to get the meds out of the machines. Once he got the pain meds in his system he was much more comfortable and then he even went back to his goofy self. Not so energetic but still silly. When the night shift nurse came in she introduced herself and he said "HMM your kinda cute." Seriously I died. He is such a flirt with all these nurses it's crazy. They have all seen him crazy and silly and it breaks thier heart to see him down and out. He got hugs from all the nurses. It was sweet. It's about eight in the morning now and I'm sitting here at the bedside. He is sleeping but chopped up sleep. I'm just goinig to let him rest and wait for the doctors to round. Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts and messages. They really do help. Keep them coming. We aren't home yet.

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