Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Update from today...

Today not a whole bunch happend but we did get a plan of action. They got the cat scan of his chest and found the fluid. I guess the doctors think that there is quite a bit of fluid on the right side of his heart. The plan is tommorrow around 11 they are going to take him to the OR and put him to sleep. They are going to attempt to use the needle to aspirate the fluid and if the fluid is too large or too thick they will make a small insiscion at the bottom of his chest cavity and drain the fluid. Depending on what kind of fluid it is will determine whether or not he will keep a chest tube in or not. I will know more tommorrow. For now he is in good spirits and starting to drive me crazy. But I am thinkful that he is here to drive me crazy. I will try to update more tommorrow. Thank you for all the prayers. Keep them coming.

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