Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Bomb fell today

So everything has been going really well at home I have been waiting for a bomb to drop. My bomb came in a phone call. The cardiologist called this am right as I was about to take JJ to school. I was looking forward to dropping him off and getting back into bed before I woke up too much and couldn't go back to sleep. Tonight was supposed to be my first night back to work. Well I definitely got a wake up call. He called and wanted me to bring Cyrus back into his office as soon as possible so he could take another look at his heart. I said I was on the way. We only live about one mile to his office so I ripped Cyrus out of bed (he was still asleep), threw on some clothes that wouldn't be considered pajamas, and off we went. He started out by saying the fluid that he found yesterday was really bothering him all night and he wanted to look at it again. The here comes the Bomb....He might have to go back up to St.Pete. I looked at him and took a minute and said. OK, let's do this. He looked at it more and basically this is what it is. The fluid isnt around his lung it is around his heart. It is inoculated, in other words its like a capsule of fluid that is stuck in one spot. It isn't moving which is a good thing. The bad thing is that it's right behind his right atrium. When the blood goes back into your heart it goes into the right atrium and then goes through the rest of the body. The right atrium is alot more thinner that the other parts of the heart and if something presses on it it can cause alot of trouble. The fluid that he has is not pushing on his right atrium right now but could in the future. This is the reason for sending us back to St.Pete.

We went home, packed some suitcases, and took off down the road. We went to the same doctor's office that performed his cath procedure and walked right into his office. He did another ECHO and saw the fluid that our cardiologist had found. He sat me down and talked it over. He said that if we lived closer that he would probably let us go home and just come and see him daily and get tests down there. Well we live an hour and a half away so that really isn't an option. I told him that personally I would feel more comfortable and think it would be more suitable if they were to admit him and run all the tests to figure out where, when how and why and if nothing is to come of it then we are ok. If he were to have complications with the fluid and we were to go home the fluid is in a place where the only way to get it out is to open up his chest again, worst case senario. I would much rather cardiothoracic surgeons go in there rather than some doctor who has never opened a kids chest. All that to say he was ecstatic that I thought that way, gave me a big hug, and said that we will get everything arranged.

So here I am back at the hotel. He is in the CVICU because he is 14 days post op. He got to see all his old nurses and he liked that. He even has a favorite that he is hoping will come and see him.

He got an IV placed tonight just for precaution and he was so brave. I really am proud of him. I told him that and he was like I cried a little. I said that was ok he was still a brave little boy.

I'm going to call one more time before I try to get some sleep. Tommorrow is going to be a big day. They are going to get a cat scan to see how big the fluid is and to see if they need to go in a take it out. I'm really staying positive that it is nothing and that he will be fine, but I'm also keeping worse case senario in the back of my head. Thanks everyone for all your prayers and messages. I get them and it means so much to us all. Will update again tommorrow with anything new.

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