Sunday, April 12, 2009

So we had Easter today...alot of drama but we had a great time and the boys said they had the best Easter ever sooooo I guess all is well. We went to Trav's parents house and the boys had a long time to swim outside and then hunt Easter Eggs. Thanks to Trav's Dad they all got a little money. Then we went to a friend's house and they had great food, great friends, and the boys again got to swim with a bunch of kids and then hunt MORE Easter Eggs. They made out like bandits. The parents also got to hunt eggs with lottery tickets and money. OOOO I didn't win anything and when that black snake came out it was time for me to be done with the hunting. LOL. Cyrus decided that he wanted to do belly flops in the pool except they turned into chest flops. Of course the paranoid Mom I am made him stop. I told him that's the last thing we need right now. LOL. Anyway Happy EAster to All.

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