Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Appt Scheduled

So I was sitting there thinking today. When I took Cyrus to his appointment last week the office gave me the number for the scheduling person. I was thinking am I supposed to call her or is she supposed to call me. Well I called her and low and behold I was on her list of people to call today. So she says the earliest available appt for a cath is JULY 29!!!! Can you believe that?!? Three months away!!! I was bummed to say the least. Now I get to sit and worry for another 3 months and answer questions for 3 more months. But I guess it's not emergent so he isn't to the point where they are worried tooo much. On a good note she said she would put me on the cancelation notice. So if someone gets cancelled they will call me. So now I guess I can try to get on with things and plan life. LOL. Here's to hoping the next 3 months goes quickly.

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